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The Uccello Liquid Level Indicator was designed to help those with limited visibility, to pour liquid into their cup/mug without overfilling or spilling.

Its stainless-steel prongs (sense the level of liquid in your cup), allow you to fill your cup/glass easily and safely every time. When the liquid nears the first prong you will hear and feel a moderate beep and vibration.

When the liquid reaches the second prong, the beeping and vibrations become louder and more intense, this indicates that it is time to stop.

It pairs perfectly with the safe and easy tilt-to-pour Uccello Kettle and the Uccello Grip Mat.

General Specifications

  • Black and grey in colour
  • Size: 55 x 30 x 25mm
  • Protective box and full instructions supplied
  • Battery included (CR2032)
  • Magnetic – this can be attached to the fridge or other magnetic surfaces
  • Emits loud warning sound and vibration when liquid reaches first sensor probe
  • Second longer warning and vibration when liquid reaches second probe
  • Sound level 93.8db (at 3 cm) will be audible to many hearing-impaired people
  • Works with both hot and cold liquids

Design Materials

  • Water resistant  rubber seal battery cover
  • Food-grade stainless steel sensors for better hygiene


  • Ideal for the partially-sighted, elderly and/or wheelchair users to handle boiling water safely
  • Will prevent spillage when filling cups, mugs, glasses and pots/pans
  • Works perfectly with the Uccello Kettle – a tilt-to-pour kettle to make handling boiling water even safer at home.
  • 1 year warranty guarantee
  • Free delivery

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13 reviews for Liquid Level Indicator

  1. Adam

    This is fantastic a real help I have short term memory loss I have a bowl in my sink that has handles I put the alarm in the handle and when the water reaches the top the alarm goes off fab as I no longer waste water and leave it on for hours sometimes. What a godsend

  2. Cathy

    Easy to use and good sound when liquid touches the prongs.

  3. Brida

    This is a game changer for my partially sighted mum, no more wet worktops and so much safer for her to make a cuppa

  4. Rita

    Great little gadget. Emits two different sounds which is handy for adding milk to hot drinks. You can adjust the height of the pins (& so the amount of liquid) easily. Incredibly helpful for a sight impaired person to make drinks independently. It has a magnet to stick on the fridge which is a bonus.

  5. Laura

    My mum has an eye condition that is making her blind over time, she can’t see out of her left eye and just about manages with her right, finding tools for her to use to help daily life can be hard as she struggles to see the tool to help her! But this is great it magnetic and the noise is so loud, so is the vibration as well so she knows where it is on the cup (prevents her from knocking it over) she was chuffed with this gift

  6. Pam

    Perfect device for my blind Mum. I set it up and she can make coffee for herself safely. Best is the twin tones nearly full and full or enough coffee and enough milk.

  7. Amy

    Knowing my Nan could make a cup of tea safely. Just helped me have peace of mind that she could do this.

  8. Edith

    A great idea for those with failing sight to stop them over filling cups with hot water. Great purchase quick delivery.

  9. Paul

    Very Useful for my Dad, he’s very poor sight and is in his 90’s

  10. Freddie

    Really clever little gadget.

  11. Diane

    Brilliant. Helps my Mum keep some independence.

  12. Alison

    Bought for mum with macular degeneration. It’s made such a difference to her when making cups of tea!.

  13. Ronald

    For someone with imperfect vision, it makes it safer to make a cup of tea or coffee. Good value for money

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